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From Captain America #11 - Ed Brubaker

A comprehensive mental evaluation of Codename: Winter Soldier was conducted over the course of the past week. Diagnoses are varied, but most in Dept. X Science Team believe that his mental state is becoming unstable. In the three years since he was awakened from stasis, it appears his mind is seeking to fill in the holes of his memory, or possible rebelling against the implanted programming he received originally. The subject has recently begun to exhibit more than usual curiosity, even to the point of questioning orders from superiors, and once in the past month, he attacked a fellow operative, nearly killing him. On interrogation he could not explain his actions.

One theory is that just as he has reflex-memories which allow him to be such an effective operative, he may also have a deeply buried sense of who he was, or at least of what kind of person he was. As such, this deeply buried idea may be causing him mental stress and triggering turmoil in his thoughts. Another theory, which is more disturbing, is that he may actually be remembering his previous life, though in small pieces only. It is therefore our recommendation that Codename: Winter Soldier be kept in stasis between missions, and then he undergo Mental Implantation at every awakening. We believe this will correct his instability issues, so he can continue to be of use to Department X.

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Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.

—Oscar Wilde

Mia Wasikowska filming behind the scenes of Crimson Peak (2015) on April 14th in Kingston, Ontario (check out more photos from the set here).

All photos taken by Anna Robertson

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